Why do people wish to visit Coffs Harbour?

Coffs Harbour’s beautiful town is situated on the North Coast of New South Wales, about halfway between Brisbane and Sydney. It is set amongst forested hinterland hills and mountains on the one side and the other’s pristine Pacific Ocean.  As one of the state’s largest cities, it is a sought after holiday destination, boasting accommodating… Continue reading Why do people wish to visit Coffs Harbour?

Is Coffs Harbour expensive?

Coffs Harbour is known for its beaches and the Big Banana monument and amusement park (an icon for more than 40 years) and located 350km south of Brisbane and 530km north of Sydney, Australia. It’s great for family vacations and adventures whilst attractive for budget travellers/backpackers.   The town has been well developed for tourism since… Continue reading Is Coffs Harbour expensive?