Is Coffs Harbour expensive?

Coffs Harbour is known for its beaches and the Big Banana monument and amusement park (an icon for more than 40 years) and located 350km south of Brisbane and 530km north of Sydney, Australia. It’s great for family vacations and adventures whilst attractive for budget travellers/backpackers.  

The town has been well developed for tourism since the 1950s. It also offers a range of banana-theme food/drinks and merchandise. Other attractions include:

  • Marine lives (dolphin and seals).
  • Flora and fauna.
  • Indoor rainforest.
  • Recreational activities/parks.
  • Beaches protected and safe for children.

How much do I need to spend a vacation in Coffs Harbour? 


The prices vary based on locations. More affordable if staying farther from the beaches. On average, the price for a standard room in a 3-star hotel is around US$99, which is quite similar in Sydney, the city in Australia. Comparatively, there are cheap hostels with an average cost of US$17 for budget travellers. The price for a staycation with AirBnB ranges from US$39 to US$465 per day based on location, size of the accommodation and facilities available.


Daily meals may cost US$48 per person (depending on the spending habits of travellers for, e.g. 1 litre of milk cost US$1.55 (about US$1.69 in Sydney), a cost of a meal for two in a Mid-range restaurant is US$50/compared to US$100 in Sydney). The price of 350g sirloin at US$33 for food and restaurant ambience by the beach is priceless. However, breakfast prices are much lower than lunch or dinner.


Getting around Coffs Harbour can be via local bus operators, which run on a regular daily basis. There are also taxis, car hire services and bus tours. The cost of a taxi ride is more expensive than public transportation. It can cost US$2.50 per 1km on a standard tariff which is US$0.27 higher than Sydney. On average, travellers may spend US$21 per person/day on public transport. Car rental depends on the type of car, driver’s age and location. A pick-up at the city of Coffs Harbour on an average kind of sedan car may cost US$43 per day in February.


Entertainment activities will cost typically US$51 per person/per day, which includes admission tickets to museums and attractions, day tours and other sightseeing expenses. Shopping for clothing varies between the two shops or cities, e.g. a cost of Levi 501 may cost US$10 cheaper in Sydney, whilst a summer dress (Zara, H&M) may cost US$20 cheaper in Coffs Harbour. 

Free at no Cost

Not all attractions are costly, and there are free things to do in Coffs Harbour, namely Whale watching, walking at the Marina and Historical Jetty, Forest Sky Pier, to name a few.


On average, travellers may spend US$100 per day/person and a week for two of US$1,805 comparatively to US$155 per day/person and US$2,081 for two in a week in Sydney. Travelling as a family of three or four people is cheaper as kids share the room with adults.


According to a new report from market analysts of Property, Coffs Harbour experienced a sizable 22.3 per cent growth in median house prices over the last three years. The median house price stands at US$416K, making it the 23rd most ‘expensive’ city in Australia. (Price quoted on 10th May 2019). 

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