Why do people wish to visit Coffs Harbour?

Coffs Harbour’s beautiful town is situated on the North Coast of New South Wales, about halfway between Brisbane and Sydney. It is set amongst forested hinterland hills and mountains on the one side and the other’s pristine Pacific Ocean. 

As one of the state’s largest cities, it is a sought after holiday destination, boasting accommodating weather and the recognition, as the only place in New South Wales where the Great Dividing Range meets the Pacific Ocean.

Recently awarded the Aussie Town of the Year by the renowned travel site Wotif.com, Coffs Harbour has much to offer, from a relaxed, holiday atmosphere that the town wears like a jacket to outstanding accommodation, tourist attractions and historical landmarks for every taste. 

The Big Banana

The first of Australia’s Big Things, the Big Banana, can be found here as a testament to its banana plantations and thriving banana industry. Partaking of the full banana experience, no one can leave Coffs Harbour without a photo in front of the Big Banana. 

Making digital memories with the whole family is now as easy as using the unique stands built to house your camera and the camera timer.  

Take a walk through the big yellow 13-metre Banana extraordinaire and stop by the Big Banana Fun Park café for refreshment, enjoying a frozen banana, smothered in chocolate and covered with either sprinkles or chopped nuts.

Coffs Harbour Jetty and Muttonbird Island

The Coffs Harbour Jetty is an old timber landmark with recent substantial renovations that have it sporting paved walkways, benches, a children’s playground and picnic shelters. After your stroll, you can sit down for a coffee or a latte at the Marina Café or enjoy the best fish and chips from the Fisherman’s Co-op.

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve

Walking along the break wall from Coffs Harbour Marina, tourists can enjoy pedestrian access to the once-isolated island and nature sanctuary. There are often dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays, and schools of fish amongst the waves on the walk there, with fresh ocean breezes blowing. 

Once on the breath-taking island, also known as Good Any Mineral, the steep trail to the top has unique views of the roosting and breeding sites of the Wedge-tailed Shearwater migratory bird on either side. There is a bench halfway up with spectacular views of the marina for those who want to take a break. 

The Eastern lookout is at the far end of the walkway and gives unhindered views of the Solitary Island Marine Park and the annual migration of humpback whales from May to November.

C.ex Coffs International Stadium

Having hosted the most prominent international music stars, Elton John and one of Australia’s most significant sporting events, the Big Bash, this is a must on every tourist to-do list. Located in the Coffs Coast Sport and Leisure Park and with seating for over 10 000 spectators, this stadium holds a place in the FIFA World Cup records as the venue for the highest-scoring match in World Cup qualification history.

Bunker Cartoon Gallery

Australia’s first and the only one of its kind, art gallery exclusively allocated to cartoons. The Coffs Cartoon Collection custodian contains well over 23 000 cartoons from outstanding Australian and international cartoonists. 

One of its prized possessions is the Jim Russel cartoon of Uncle Dick dating from 1950, two lithograph cartoons by Stan Cross and a Percy Lindsay watermarked cartoon dating from 1930. What makes this gallery even more unusual is that it is housed in a World War II bunker that has been renovated into a modern exhibition property.


With the sunny weather Coffs Harbour frequently enjoys, beaches are a significant attraction to visitors. The off-the-track Pebbly Beach and Jetty beach for families cater perfectly to the children, with its small waves and calm waters for the camping connoisseur. Emerald beach offers a lovely, discreet beach with safe swimming and a beach break for the adventurous surfers.

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